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Key Facts About Your Business Blueprint

The home business industry is littered with people who have failed in their businesses. The success rates are very low compared to other entrepreneurial industries like franchising. Statistics say that about less than 18% of home business owners earn a consistent cash flow.

Don’t be a victim of the home based business industry. Have you failed in your business before? How many times have you jumped ship? What are your reasons for failing? How many sales did you make? Why have you chosen to work from home? Answer these questions honestly and you are on your way to financial success. I am going to give you a business blueprint.

If your business has a product or service that is in demand, a convertible offer, marketing plan, and follow-up system then you will succeed. The truth is you will win in any niche if you follow successful business models.

Franchises are one of the most successful business models to copy. They have a proven track record of creating cash flow for their franchisees. They provide the training, marketing plan, vendors, and sales support for the owners. Some franchise systems have a 80-90% success rate for their owners.

Duplication is the key for your home business success. Whether you are building a down line or just a one man band you must have a game plan in place. We do not suffer for lack of information. You can find a successful business model to follow.

Find a success system that compliments your personality. Be enthusiastic about your business. Don’t join a fad because everyone else is doing it. Join because you believe you can reach your financial goals with that business.

Key Facts about Your Business Blueprint

Key Fact 1 Find a Product or Service You Can Visualize Selling: Yes you have to sell. Get over it. Every business needs to sell. That is the point of capitalism. Make sure your product are consumable so you can have repeat sales. Investigate your niche. Do people need this product? Can you up sell them to higher priced items?

Key Fact 2 Marketing Plan: I see real estate agents fail at their businesses before they even start. They pay for their real estate license, pay their Realtor dues, and other fees. They have invested over $1000 for their business and don’t have a plan to get customers. They do things like go door knocking, cold calls, and send out letters. They fail to follow the franchise or broker’s plan.

Make sure you have a marketing system in place. Your first goal is to create leads so you will have a list. Your list is the life-blood of your business. Your marketing should have 3-5 techniques for you to generate traffic. A plug and play system is best for the new business owner. A marketing program should teach you marketing strategies while it generate sales for you.

Key Fact 3 Training: In my real estate office our broker provides training every week. Athletes, entertainers, teachers, and blue-collar workers all have to do go through continuous training. The same with your home business. Education is a must for entrepreneurs. Do not slack on your training.

Key Fact 4 Getting Paid: Your home based business needs to pay you enough so you can have a positive cash flow every month. Find products or services that pay high commissions. It is hard to do paid advertising when you are making 15% commissions on a $3 product. Look for products that pay a commission fee of 50% or higher and has residual income.

Action Steps

Spend time putting together your business blueprint. Put these key facts into action. Achieving financial success is the only reason to be in business. Creating and acting on your business blueprint will get you there.